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Investment Banking Services :

The Services VLS Securities Ltd. can offer as Merchant Bankers / Consultants are as follows:-

  • Determination of the Optimum Issue Size and Pricing.

  • Drafting of the Offer Document and filling the same with SEBI for approval.

  • Marketing of the Issue amongst the Strategic Investors, Institutional Investors and Individuals.

  • Co-ordination with various Regulatory Authorities & Private Agencies during the Issue.

  • Strict monitoring of the Press meets, Investor Meets and Analyst meets, to rationalize the overall issue expenses.

  • Selection of the Right Market Timing.

  • Over the 12 years period VLS Securities Ltd. has seen both the peak time and recession in the Capital Markets, hence it is better equipped to handle all situations.

  • Similarly, at the organization level VLS Securities Ltd., has the capability to partner with its clients through their entire, Business Life Cycle.

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